White Vs Red The Benefits of Drinking Wine

Most white wines have a light refreshing fruity taste. On the contrary, red wines are generally richer, heavier and full-bodied. This is as red wines are produced with whole grapes, including the skin. The skins of black and red grapes add colour and flavour to the wine. Whereas white wines are made with white grapes where the skin and seeds are not included in the wine, therefore creating a crisper and more acidic flavour.

All grape skins and seeds contain tannins, a bitter-tasting organic substance responsible for giving a grape its colour. Tannins are comprised of derivatives of gallic acid, a type of phenolic acid commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Not only do tannins give a wine its colour but they also aid in shaping the texture and to an extent the bitterness of a wine. When making white wine the grapes are pressed as soon as possible, whereas when producing red wine the skin and seeds to sit for long periods of time to extract colour and texture.

Generally, red wines are kept in a winery for several months before bottling, while most white wines are not. The less tannin a wine has, the less maturation is required before a wine can be bottled.

Tannins are also rich in antioxidants, which prove to be the most effective in red wine as red grapes contain more tannins than white grapes. You can see this through their darker pigmentation. The amount of tannin in red wine produces a high amount of procyanidins which help to remove chemicals responsible for causing blood clots, the primary cause of coronary disease.

This magical wine is also high in choline, a compound that prevents liver damage and significantly reduces inflammation. A daily glass of red for women and two for men is recommended to assist the onset these health benefits.

White wine is renowned for having high antioxidant properties, which can help prevent cancer. This wine also keeps lung tissues healthy and protects against heart ageing.

Generally, red wines are considered a healthier option than white wines. But, high-quality white wines may offer more health benefits than some red wines. Please keep in mind that the benefits of wine can only be achieved when drinking in moderation, regular over-consumption often leads to detrimental consequences.

Both red and white wine do not only improve physical health but also assist in overcoming stress. Wine has so many amazing benefits, not only does it reduce your risk of coronary and pulmonary disease but it can help you to live longer and improve short-term memory. Who would have guessed that this delicious drink could be so good for us?