New Zealand & OutdoorAdvertising


The first time I went to New Zealand I took a flight that arrived in Auckland at about 6am. This was a really pretty time to arrive, as there was a beautiful sunrise to see. When I got off the plane and into a car the whole place felt deserted. There were barely any other cars on the road, and somehow it felt like I was in a ghost town. There were more NZ Billboards than other people, I was surprised that Auckland was so modern in terms of out of home advertising.

I had been told by many people that the South Island of New Zealand was the more picturesque, the more breathtaking. But on this trip I didn’t have time to go to both islands, and as the flights into Auckland were far more affordable, I decided to keep it just to the North Island on this occasion. But as I would soon learn, there were plenty of amazing sights to see on the North Side. The NZ billboards I had seen in Australia, the ones that had enticed me to go in the first place, were definitely not inaccurate in their depiction of the landscapes.

On the way to my first destination I stopped at a number of beaches to soak in the view and the morning air. It was so relaxing and refreshing. There was an early morning haze that hung in the air, and it gave the whole place a real spiritual feel.

Over the course of the week I was in New Zealand, I packed as many highlights in as I could. I went to Cathedral Cove, to the Bay of Islands to see dolphins, to the Waitomo glow worm caves, and plenty of treks around the city of Auckland itself. I cannot wait to go back some day and take in all the beauty that the South Island has to offer.