Australian Summer

In the height of an Australian summer, the last thing you want is a day where the temperature climbs to over forty degrees. And yet here we are, 42 degrees Celsius on the asphalt outside and absolutely no chance of a cool change for at least a week or so.

It’s times like these that I was so very thankful for the air conditioning that came with my home. Please note the use of the past tense there. I don’t feel like anyone has known true panic until you turn your air conditioning on at nine in the morning, when it’s already up around the thirty degree mark and hearing only a sputtering sound before the unit just gives up completely.

The panic started with just a little bit of freezing in place, a dash of running around the house closing all of the blinds, and finally a little sprinkle of sitting in front of the open freezer while I called the technicians who normally deal with any of my heating and air conditioning issues.

It was then that my panic and slight annoyance turned into full-blown anger. The air conditioning company was completely booked out. They had no openings until almost a month in the future! Once the anger passed though, I hung up and my ability to perform rational thought processes returned.

I’m going to admit that as I searched for air conditioning specialists melbourne followed by the word ‘emergency’ I was doing so a bit dejectedly. As silly as it may seem, I am a very loyal person, even to companies and tradies. It may seem trivial to other people, who are happy to shop around and find the best price and the best time etcetera, once I find someone who is willing to help me for a fair price I am happy, and I hate feeling like I’m betraying someone.

Having said that, as soon as the emergency technician came along and got my air conditioning fixed within three hours of me calling them, the little bit of guilt I felt for going to another company flew out the window. I promptly cranked the cooling to 18 degrees (the lowest it would go) and lay down on the floor in front of it.

With my favourite records playing in the background, and a huge bowl of watermelon and my air conditioning pumping, I have to admit, it was one of the best forty-something-degree days I have ever had.