The aftermath of THAT boxing match

The boxing match had only just finished. As soon as his trainers had told him it was all over, Evander had retreated to his corner. He had never been in a contest quite like this one. He watched on as the formalities were carried out, but he was still dazed. He was not quite sure what had just happened, or what was happening now. The whole ordeal seemed like a bizarre dream that surely he would have to wake from. The only thought he had right now was that tomorrow he would probably need some kind of test for hearing.

When everything was done and dusted he escaped to his dressing room as quickly as he could muster. He managed to dodge all the fans, and more importantly, all the reporters who were desperate to get his opinion on what had just happened in his contest with Mike. He wasn’t sure he would have anything rational to say to any of them.

Once he was alone he looked at himself in the mirror. He still couldn’t quite comprehend what had happened. He inspected his head to see the extent of the damage. It didn’t look too bad, but he definitely had a ringing in his ears. He made sure there and then to tell his manager to make an appointment for first thing in the morning.

The next day he arrived for his hearing test. Thankfully, because of his status, he was able to get straight in to see the doctor. He had barely been able to sleep a wink all night, so anxious that he was about it.

“How on earth did this happen?” was all the doctor could ask. “I mean, I presume it was in the ring, but this is a pretty unique injury.”

“It was Mike,” was all Evander had to say.

“Ah. Say no more,” replied the doctor. “Well, the ear looks like it is going to be fine. You passed the hearing test with flying colours. May I suggest a brain test though?”

Evander didn’t really know how to respond to that comment. He simply thanked the doctor and was on his way.